About Me

Hello everyone and welcome to my blog. My name is Alexis and I recently got accepted to JMU’s PA class of 2020. For all those following me along my PA journey, I thought I would provide you with some fun facts about me:

I am a Floridian and an FSU alumni- GO NOLES!

I am a huge nature lover. One of the main reasons that I applied to several out of state programs (mainly in Virginia) is because I wanted to move closer to the Appalachian Trail.

I am a dog lover. I have had several labs throughout my life. Dogs truly fill your home with so much love and laughter it is unbelievable! You can spot our crazy little 2 year old yellow lab, Saratoga, on my Instagram.

My dad has one of the most amazing hobbies ever- piloting a beautiful Piper Saratoga (yes, the dog is named after his plane). My dad’s little hobby made my PA school interviews a lot cheaper because I didn’t have to pay for any flights. Also we go to the Bahamas at least once a year, which is amazing!

I really hope you guys find my advice helpful and enjoy following me along this difficult journey! I am sure you will learn a lot more about me along the way and I hope to learn about all of you as well. So feel free to contact me just to introduce yourself or to ask a question.